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Edublogs ia another student – friendly blog site offering similar features to Kidblog. Edublogs provide teachers with multiple classroom blog packages, designed to meet the needs of the intended purpose of the blog (See pricing options and inclusion list below).

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Teachers are able to create a free classroom blog for their students when they establish a ‘pro blog’ for themselves at a cost of $39.95 per year. Using a student blog, students are able to choose and customise the layout and theme of their personal blog, write blog posts, embed digital media within blog posts, make their blog private, and blog from mobile/tablet devices. Teachers using the pro blog package have access to the same features as students, as well as the ability to manage and moderate content and blogs, receive personal email support, access statistics on site visits and use plugins and other advanced features.

Edublogs enables teachers to establish forums, discussion threads on particular themes, ePortfolios and wiki pages in safe and private environments for their students. Teachers can password protect their students’ blogs, block search engines or keep student blogs open for public access with Edublogs‘ extensive search filters.

Edublogs would also be an appropriate blog site to use for the activities in the lesson sequence, as the site support the upload of media files, provides opportunities for students to participate and communicate in online environments and is safe and secure through teacher moderation and site filters.

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