One first grade teacher’s experiences using Kidblog

Grade one teacher Karen Lirenman has been an avid user of Kidblog since introducing the idea to her students in 2011. In a blog entry posted in 2013, she reflected on how she has utilised the features of Kidblog to enhance her students’ digital portfolios. Karen has said that the simple process of being able to upload media (photographs as evidence of student work) resulted in an explosion of content and learning artefacts on student blogs.

Karen uses the student blogs as a method of monitoring student understanding (formative assessment) and says the option of creating ‘categories’ and ‘tags’ ¬†organises student entries and makes the formative assessment process easier as all related entries are grouped in the one place. As part of the formative assessment process, Karen says she often chooses to use the ‘private comment’ feature of Kidblog as a way of providing feedback to her students. Karen also says that she makes student posts private when it is evident that they have misunderstood the task or concept. This makes the post only visible to the student author and the teacher, and allows the teacher to track the student’s progress throughout the topic.

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 1.59.12 PM
Karen’s advice from experiences can be applied to developing a classroom blog for the Geography lesson sequence:

  • Teachers can establish categories for natural areas, managed areas and constructed areas
  • Students can take photographs using the camera app on the iPads and upload the images into the appropriate category on the blog

Access Ms. Lirenman’s Classroom Blog here.

One first grade teacher’s experiences using Kidblog

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