Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog has been recognised by many educational organisations as one of the best classroom blogs in North America. The blog is organised and operates in a similar layout to Mrs. Goodwin’s Class (from a previous blog posting). The teacher, Kathy Cassidy is a passionate first grade teacher who reinforces the benefits of classroom blogging in this 2012 article. Key points of the article articulate seven reasons why she firmly believes in student blogging. The two reasons relevant to the context of the development of a classroom blog for the Geography and Technologies unit are the community and audience interaction and development of digital competence.

Community and Audience Interaction

  • Student learning and thoughts can be read and responded to by the entire world (although teacher can moderate content)
  • Students can give their peers feedback and engage in discussions about learning through comments
  • Student learning can be scaffolded through interaction with the audience.

Digital Competence

  • Students learn how to be safe online, including what information is appropriate to publish online;
  • How to protect your identity;
  • How to interact with others in an online environment
Ms Cassidy’s Classroom Blog

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